How is pollution affecting your skin and how can you fix it?

skin-care-in-pollution-300x200 How is pollution affecting your skin and how can you fix it? Skin Care We all endeavor to be gorgeous and healthy but sometimes, we forget about an imperative factor that has a damaging effect on our beauty i.e. pollution. Most of us panic about bills, go to meetings at work, pick up the children from school and feed the pets… plainly loads of vital things cross our minds every day. However, do we ever stop to think of the sweeping effects of air pollution in our lives, particularly out skin and overall health? We all know that clean air is important for our health and we might have even taken some small steps toward cutting down our own contribution towards air pollution, but there is still so much to do and so many facets of our world affected by this silent menace. The most lethal effect that pollution can have on our skin is the depletion of collagen in our skin.

You might now know that pollution causes the destruction of collagen, but you do know it can make your skin look much mature. What can you do to stop this from happening and find out what forms collagen to aid your skin? Here are few reasons that we experience the loss of collagen from our skin.

  • The raised levels of free radicals that our skin is exposed to on an everyday basis can damage the skin and also will lead to the devastation of collagen. This can happen from smoking, over-exposure to the sun and contaminants that are present in our atmosphere.
  • The demolition of collagen is not triggered by aging. As we get older, our bodies stop creating collagen and elastin. When this occurs, damage of collagen can be an outcome of the things we are doing.

One of the things we can do to help is to eat healthier. The healthier your body is, the more glowing your skin will be. The quantity of minerals, vitamins and amino acids that are essential to keep the body healthy are not always consumed. The collagen damage can be because of a medical ailment. If you have a disorder that does not permit your body to absorb certain vitamins, this can lead to a deficiency. In such a case, you should refer Dr. Jangid, the best dermatologist in South Delhi.

As you can see the body depends on numerous things to stop the demolition of collagen. When you start to comprehend how your body forms collagen, the vital nutrients, proteins and other components used in products such as functional keratin, coenzyme Q10 and other natural products can help.

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