Laser for body contouring in Delhi

Laser for body contouring in Delhi

Laser body shaping is done on both men and women. Women are usually more concerned about contouring their thighs, hips, arms, abs and buttocks. The areas men want treatments on are primarily their back and abdomen. Laser body shaping can also treat some facial areas and help eliminate a double chin. While it’s possible for men to receive treatments on their chest area, laser contouring isn’t safe or effective on women’s breasts.


Body-contouring_compressed Laser for body contouring in Delhi

Laser body shaping uses a cold laser that delivers pulses through pads placed on areas of your body. Some people feel a slight tingling, other feels nothing when the laser is turned on. The pads are “set and forget” because once the machine is on and working, the procedure is passive and doesn’t require constant monitoring from the technician. The treatments are as brief as 20 minutes, non-invasive, safe, approved by the FDA and don’t cause harm. During the laser contouring process, fat cells beneath the upper level of skin are reduced in size, which makes them easier to flush from the body later via the urinary tract and exercise. One treatment session can address multiple areas of the body as the technician moves the pads to different key places on your body

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