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FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

FUE Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that involves harvesting of individual hair follicles with surrounding tissues from one part of body (donor site) and place them at place of baldness (the recipient site) using 0.7mm or less punches. Now days men and Women equally getting benefitted by this technique. Procedures which are popular among the women along with hair transplant at head are Eyebrow, eyelashes etc. For men it is Beard and Moustache, tractional alopesia which is more popular. This surgery is single day procedure, patient remains conscious during the procedure. After end of the procedure patient can go home on same day.

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Though hundreds for center for hair transplant have established in Bikaner and surrounding cities but people choose us for FUE hair transplantation because of our results we deliver. Hundreds of people from Delhi already have chosen us for hair transplant using FUE technique of hair transplant as well as restoring confidence in their life. Our results have earned a distinguished placed among Best Hair Transplant Surgery in Delhi.

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