Meso Therapy in Delhi

Meso Therapy in Delhi

The Mesotherapy results are amazing, and thinned patches on the scalp begin to recover their natural cover in a few weeks. Although Mesotherapy for hair is an injectable treatment, yet it is largely in the non-invasive category. The procedure is virtually painless because the syringe only accesses up to the mesoderm region of the scalp. You do not need local anesthesia or dressing even! Best hair loss treatment for men and women, there are no side-effects in Mesotherapy for hair recovery treatment.

The localized stimulation in this therapy serves three vital functions. First, the serum strengthens the health of the hair follicles and increases their survival potential. The serum also stimulates collagen and increases follicle size. Second, it improves blood circulation in the thinning region ensuring your hair gets sufficient nutrition. Finally, the Mesotherapy inhibits the secretion of excess DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is often the main culprit in triggering high hair fall.

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The active ingredients in Mesotherapy for hair loss treatment are Biochanin A and Acetyle Tetrapeptide-3. The specialist at La Belle applies the micro-injections at roughly 1 cm apart in the bald region. Apart from the previously mentioned active ingredients, the Mesotherapy serum also consists of poly-vitamins to supply increased nutrition to the follicles.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is successful in about 90-92% of patients. When you are losing hair because of hormonal imbalance and weakened follicles, the treatment works like a miracle! The baldness treatment does not take more than 30 minutes per session depending on the area of treatment. However, your head must have follicles in the thinned patches for the treatment to work.

The hair loss recovery procedure requires multiple sessions. The dermatologist at La Belle will mark the days you need to visit the clinic. Minimum ten sessions are necessary in this application of hair loss treatment with our Mesotherapy process. Each session must succeed a gap of 2/3 weeks from the last appointment. Results begin to show in about three months. The therapy cost is not exorbitant at all! Contact our specialists to know further details.

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