Vitiligo Surgeries in Delhi

Vitiligo is a condition where pale white patches develop on the skin due to a lack of pigment (color) in the affected areas of skin.
Areas of skin with patches of vitiligo have no or very few melanocytes. Therefore melanin cannot be made, and the color of the skin is lost. It is not known why the melanocytes go from affected areas of skin. They may be destroyed by the immune system or ‘self-destruct’ for reasons not yet known. There is some genetic factor involved and vitiligo may ‘run in the family’.

The course and severity of vitiligo varies from person to person. Sometimes a few small patches develop slowly and progress no further. Sometimes a number of patches develop quite quickly and then remain static for months or years without changing. However, it is quite common for the white patches to gradually become bigger and for more patches to appear on other parts of the body. Large areas of the skin may eventually be affected.

vitiligo-treatment_compressed Vitiligo Surgeries in Delhi
Vitiligo-Treatments_compressed Vitiligo Surgeries in Delhi

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