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Three Factors Which Affects Cost Of Laser Hair Removal

Technology has made human life a lot easier than ever before. Laser treatment for hair removal has emerged as one of the most popular methods of getting rid of removing hair permanently. And, with an increasing number of people preferring it over shaving or waxing, its popularity is increasing at fast pace. Permanent hair removal saves the hassles of shaving

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12 Things You Need To Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

We all fancy a smooth skin as seen on the huge screen of a movie hall or as promoted on hair removal cream advertisements. However, here are the 12 things they don’t tell you but you ought to know before you sign up for a laser hair removal treatment: Everyone is eligible for laser hair treatment as long as your

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Hair Transplant in AIIMS

Hair transplantation  has emerged as a leading technique for  restoration of hair over bald areas, sing contemporary techniques, the results are generally indistinguishable from the appearance of native scalp hair. The recent advances in technology and the concept of using follicular unit grafts have made this procedure painless and scarless. In follicular unit extraction ( FUE) technique, each graft is

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How often should you wash your hairs?

You’ve probably wondered how often you need to wash that (sometimes greasy, sometimes not) hair of yours. The question is a vexing one. It’s so common, in fact, that it’s the third suggestion that pops up when typing “how often” into Google (following queries about showering and pooping). Outside the shower, our scalps gradually get shinier, darker, and more oily.

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