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How Can Chemical Peels Be Used To Get Rid Of Ugly Acne Scars?

If you think your acne scars are depriving you of a healthy societal life, then perhaps it is time to refer the best skin specialist in South Delhi like Dr. Jangid regarding the finest option to treat your scars. A very prevalent technique used is a chemical peel as this process has been a staple in many cosmetic and dermatology clinics. A chemical peel requires a special solution to peel away your hoary skin in order to be substituted with a fresh epidermal layer. A milder kind of face peel can be done at home, but deeper peels are to be done in a doctor’s clinic. In this process, a special solution is prudently applied onto your skin. After the medication is applied, your skin may feel a burning sensation. Days after, your skin will peel off, illuminating a younger looking complexion. Chemical peel acne treatment in South Delhi can be categorized as per the kind of chemical they use and the type of scars they can treat:

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid-based peels (AHA) – this facial formula can smoothen coarse spots, help control acne, improve your overall complexion and can diminish the appearances of shallow acne blemishes. Since this treatment is only effective on shallow scars, the effect is not that enduring and numerous treatments might be necessary in order to get the anticipated outcome.
  • Trichloroacetic Acid-based peels (TCA) – TCA peels are sturdier than AHA peels. Owing to its potency, this process can smoothen outlines, wrinkles, eradicate blemishes and treat skin discoloration. Although the outcomes are more long-term than AHA peels, TCA treatments can be repeated to uphold the healthy afterglow.
  • Phenol-based peels – These are the most powerful treatments amid the three. But owing to their potency, the healing and retrieval process is longer. These treatments are workable options for you if your acne scars are very deep and severe. The effect is long-term and the vivid outcomes are easily remarked.

Since chemical peels confiscate the timeworn skin layer, the newly-grown skin may appear pinkish or reddish in the beginning. This fresh but sensitive layer should always be protected from the damaging rays of the sun by using sun blocks every day. These treatments do not assure a 100% promise that all of your acne blemishes will be erased. The accomplishment of chemical peels will always depend on the severity of your scars and on the sensitivity of your skin. The real procedure will not take more than two hours but retrieval might take at least a week. To further make sure the success of the procedure, pay attention to your dermatologist about the post-procedure skin care tips. You might also need somebody else to help you in applying the essential ointments to accelerate the retrieval procedure.

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