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MD Skin, Post MD SR Dermatologist AIIMS, New Delhi

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Hello, meet Dr. Jangid; Best Skin Specialist in Delhi;Skilled Hair Transplant Surgeon

Know your disease…… Not just medicine.

Dr Jangid, MD Skin, (Gold Medallist) is one the best skin specialist in South Delhi, with more than 6 years of experience in new treatments, technology and research into skin and hair problems, skin surgeries, hair transplant surgeries, Lasers and anti-ageing.

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Gold Medallist

Dr. Jangid gained highest marks in MD, Dermatology exam, trained under legend of dermatology Dr. PVS Prasad.

Six Publications

His works in the field of dermatology and dermatosurgery have been greatly appreciated and was published worldwide.

2nd rank in AIIMS SR 2013

He ranked 2nd in AIIMS Senior Resident exam all over India and since then has been working in AIIMS, New Delhi.


He is also renowned as the author of many books on Laser, Tropical dermatology, skin infection and leprosy.

Winner ACSICON EP 2015

His presentation on lip surgery made him the winner at the National Conference ASTICON Kolkata in  2015.

Winner - Quiz

He was a winner in the quiz held at the 20th State IADVL conference in pondychery.

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Dr.-Jangid-Best-Skin-Specialist-in-Delhi-300x300 About Dr Jangid

More about Dr. Jangid

Dr. Jangid tops the list of  best dermatologist in delhi. He graduated from JLN Medical College, Ajmer. In 2008, he worked as an intern in SMS medical college under “Rajasthan Medical University” where he showed excellent performance. Later he worked as a resident doctor in RML Hospital, New Delhi for a period of 1 year where he gained experience and used his knowledge to purpose.

But the tale of his accomplishments is far from over. Later, he completed his MD Dermatology from India’s biggest university, Annamalai University with a gold medal.

He was then selected in AIIMS as senior resident after achieving 2nd rank in All India Examination in June, 2013. Dr. Jangid is a best skin specialist in South Delhi and he has good experience of dermatolosurgery including hair transplant, scar revision, mole removal, cryotherapy, vitiligo surgery, ear lobe repair, cyst removal, liposuction, breast reduction, antiageing, and non-surgical face lift.


1) Dr Jangid published his own paper with Virendra N Sehgal and Pullabatla V S Prasad on “Spontaneous appearance of multiple asymptomatic papules and/or nodules over an apparently normal skin of the trunk. International J Dermatol 2013:52; 395–397”.

2) He also published another paper on “Relapsing Painful Multiple Ulcerative Skin Eruptions: Challenge. Am J Dermatopathol 2013” with Virendra N Sehgal, Pullabatla V S Prasad, Pichai K Kaviarasan, Navjeevan Singh which was also accepted.

3) He also presented a poster presentation on “Lymphangioma Circumscriptum of Vulva” at IADVL national conference 2012, Jaipur.

4) He presented another poster presentation at ASTICON- 2014, Chandigarh on “Sqamous Cell Carcinoma developing in penile Lichen sclerosus: Diagnostic difficulties in penile premalignant and malignant lesions”

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Books Published

  1. Jangid, Chapter-1, PYODERMAS, ‘Textbook of Dermatoses in Tropics’
  2. Jangid, Virendra N. Sehgal, Pullabatla V. S. Prasad, Chapter-20 LEPROSY, ‘Textbook of Dermatoses in Tropics’
  3. Jangid, S. Khandpur, Lasers in Treatment of Vascular Lesions, LASERS IN CLINICAL PRACTICE.


  1. Dr Jangid’s rare presentation on “Merkel Cell Carcinoma” was awarded 3rd prize at the 20th IADVL Conference, Pondicherry Branch
  1. He also ranked 3rd in the quiz at the 20th IADVL Conference, Pondicherry Branch.
  1. His case report on “Histoid Leprosy” was ranked 2nd at the 21th IADVL Conference, Pondicherry Branch.